Product Development Project Examples


Developed an upstream expansion strategy including product development and certification project plan, manufacturing header-catalytic-convertercapital and cost analyses, and comparison make/buy scenarios for a $4.5 MM privately held manufacturer.

Results:  Decision to proceed; currently in third year of production and expanding operations.



Defined current market segments; identified opportunities for new markets/new products for a $120 MM division of a large, publicly owned manufacturer.

Results:  Rationalized product lines and markets; identified and developed new product opportunity in the commercial horticultural market valued at over $10 MM.  Developed business plan for downstream integration and entry into the mass market, private label arena.  Introduced formal product development process throughout the division.



Identified supplier of critical system component with high volume (>1 MM) production capabilities for a Korean CATV trapsmanufacturer of satellite television systems.  Scope expanded to include development of next generation component.

Results: Multiple suppliers identified; selection made on ability to develop new version of component; supply agreement under negotiation.



Guided the development of a strategic planning process for a $6 MM pharmaceutical process development and clinical supplies company focused on growth through new service offerings.

header-tabletsResults: Obtained favorable economic development loan to expand operations and develop additional analytical laboratory capabilities.  Resulted in both reduced operating costs by bringing these capabilities in-house as well as significant new commercial opportunities for contract analysis using the new laboratory.


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